For decades I have traveled throughout the United States and the world. I am blessed in my early-autumn-years with a small home by the sea, where I am surrounded by nature — and from which I was called to reflect on my faith and share my spiritual journey.

I don’t know where God is leading me, only that I will follow. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Not only do I believe, I feel deep love and gratitude.

I am much like the worn coral that is scattered along the beach: Beautiful in spirit, but weathered and storm-tossed. I have not always been the version of myself that God wanted me to be. I  am a work-in-progress Christian with a past unworthy of God. I’ve asked God’s forgiveness more often than I’ve pleased Him. Without God’s mercy, my soul would have been lost long ago.

I have no doubt that my spiritual journey is a journey I am making with Jesus. Jesus intervened on my behalf, claimed me, and with His mercy I have changed course in the direction my life has taken.

I am not judgmental of those whose hearts bring them to a different understanding of God than I share. It is not my intent to encourage anyone to dishonor their convictions. I respect that God’s relationship with us is very personal in nature and that we must each search our hearts in that regard.

Thank you for reading my blog — and for sharing your comments as you are willing.