The Language of Hawaii

When a child is born and first becomes aware of the world around her, she is more an observer of this world than a participant. Her observations are refractions of life as seen through the eyes of a stranger. Her senses are easily overwhelmed, and her impressions continually evolving. Although she takes comfort in the familiar, she must leave it in order to grow. And so it is with me as I become more familiar with Oahu, the most populatedRead more

“Coloring Outside the Lines”

From an early age, I remember my father showing me how to color within the lines so I could color like everybody else. And I tried… I suppose for his sake at first — and then my own. But I’m not like everyone else. I have rarely seen or remembered things the way others do. Nor do I regret not having done so. Life is simply more beautiful surrounded by unicorns. They’ve made up for the friendships I’ve missed because ofRead more