A Special Place

There is a sliver of beach on Oahu’s North Shore where I have spent most of my time for the past month. The waves break close to shore here and in many places they break over a sharp, unyielding bottom that protects this place from too much human encroachment – nature’s barbed wire for the unwelcome. Coral reefs are plentiful near this beach– some thriving, some struggling, and some that have been plummeted to pieces by storms and the NorthRead more

The Five Tripping Stones of Hawaii

Navigating a new culture is like walking an unfamiliar path. It’s helpful to know some of the obstacles you may encounter before you begin your journey so you can watch for and avoid unsteady ground. When I observe fellow visitors from the mainland navigating the unique cultural environment of Hawaii it’s clear that many of us have a tendency to stumble over the same tripping stones – all of which are avoidable. In hope that they may be helpful toRead more