No one had to tell me there is a God, I simply knew it.

My faith was strong as a child. Perhaps I was born with it.

Perhaps we all are.

No one had to tell me there is a God, I simply knew it.

The simplicity of a child’s faith can be uncomfortable for grown-ups.

Complexity can fracture even the purest hearts.

I learned to conceal my enthusiasm for God at an early age lest I be ridiculed by others and not fit in.

That fractured me.

Eventually, the flame in me flickered.

It became very dark.

Darkness is a horrible thing.

It is easy to lose your way.

And I did.

Sixty-plus years was a long time for God to wait for me, but He did.

God is patient. His love is stronger than mine.

I’m not ashamed of that.

I’m grateful.

Now that my faith is no longer hidden, I feel Him again.

Embraced by the simplicity of His Love, I am where I belong.



2 thoughts on “OUTED IN CHRIST

  1. I am also on a spiritual journey trying to renew strength in my faith. Like you, I am feeling much more able to speak of God in new settings and with a confident and comfortable ‘ease’ – not to convince anyone of who they should be, rather to embrace who I am.

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    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I will pray for you on your spiritual journey. If you are willing, I ask that you pray for me on mine. God Bless.


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