Spiritual Eclipses

Like the moon when eclipsed by the earth’s shadow, I don’t always reflect God’s love. 

On January 31, 2018, a lunar eclipse (when the moon passes through earth’s shadow) coincided with a Blue Moon (when there is a second full moon in a single month). It was the first time this had occurred in North America in over 150 years. It was the second “super-moon” to occur in 2018, meaning that the moon appeared slightly larger and brighter due to its proximity to earth. The lunar eclipse was visible throughout the United States, except where there was cloud cover. Americans looked to the evening sky to observe the moon’s splendor and bask in the glory of its moonlight. National media covered the eclipse and social media vibrated with related chatter and photographs of the event.

Yet for all it’s beauty that night, the moon only reflected the sun — without which there would have been total darkness.

The moon owes its beauty to the sun. Without the sun’s light, the moon would not be visible. Without the sun’s light, there could be no lunar eclipses, no Blue Moons, and no super-moons.

By analogy, we are the moon and God is the sun. God is our light. God’s light is capable of illuminating our darkest hours. God is the essence of good. God is the essence of love. Without Him, there would be only darkness.

Evil, it has been said, is the absence of God.

When darkness falls in my life and I don’t see God in it, it is not because God isn’t there. Like the moon when eclipsed by the earth’s shadow, I don’t always reflect God’s love. Sometimes my view of God is obstructed by spiritual cloud cover. Sometimes my view is darkened by the shadow of something worldly that temporarily obscures His light.

Jesus died to save me from darkness and position me to see God’s light.

Even in my darkest hour I know that the clouds will clear and the shadows will pass over. I will see God’s light again and it will guide me home.





5 thoughts on “Spiritual Eclipses

  1. So powerful, I often ruminate on this same thing. Wondering why I am sorely incapable of reflecting God’s love sometimes, when I stand in testament of its redemptive power.

    Thank you for putting this out into the Universe!

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