Rules of Engagement

If you hear the Word of God and do not change for Him, it’s better not to have heard Him at all.

I used to think if I went to church occasionally, that was enough. What a blunder.

Jesus requires spiritual engagement. A Christian who lives in a spiritual state of suspension lives in a spiritual mausoleum — among the spiritually dead.

Jesus desires you listen to God’s Word and change your life accordingly. If you hear the Word of God and do not change for Him, it’s better not to have heard Him at all. Jesus warns, “Anyone who is not for me is against me; if he isn’t helping me, he is hurting my cause.” (Luke 11:23)

Jesus encourages you to acknowledge that He is your friend. “And I assure you of this: I, the Messiah, will publicly honor you in the presence of God’s angels if you publicly acknowledge me here on earth as your Friend.” (Luke 12:8) If you deny Jesus on earth, He will deny you in heaven, unless you have been forgiven. (Luke 12:9-10)

Jesus requires that you put the Word of God into action. Jesus says, “…blessed are all those who hear the Word of God and put it into practice.” (Luke 11:28)

Jesus cautions that you must engage with Him. The way that you do that may vary, but it always involves prayer. Without prayer there is no line of communication — no relationship with God.

Finally, Jesus requires that your heart be pure in addition to your actions. You must follow Him in your heart as well as in your deeds. Your generosity is the best indicator of whether you’ve gotten it right. (Luke 11:41) I pray that with God’s grace I will get it right. Not just when I’m in trouble and I need God’s help, but also when I’m not and He asks for mine.


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