The Sound of Love

Aramaic rendition of “Our Father” for Pope Francis I


Tonight, I read the blog of an individual who “liked” one of my posts. It is something I often do out of spiritual loneliness in order to feel connected to — and learn from — others who believe in God and Jesus.

This particular reader had provided the above YouTube link in his blog. It’s an Aramaic rendition of the “Our Father” that had been performed for Pope Francis I in the country of Georgia. It is hauntingly beautiful.

Aramaic was the primary language spoken by Jesus. To hear Aramaic words from the Bible sung so reverently made my soul weep in reunion. The words were always there, it was the sounds of Jesus’ time and place that I have been missing.

Especially when I close my eyes, I feel closer to God when I listen to it. It transcends my modern sense of God, bridging thousands of years – transporting my heart to a different time and place when He walked among us. I feel emotions so beautiful, timeless and powerful that I cannot describe them in my native language.

It is impossible for me to listen to this rendition without feeling deep love and reverence to God. It reverberates on an emotional level with the energy of prayer. If the Holy Spirit brings a voice to men and women, this is how I imagine it to sound.

I do not know Aramaic, nor do I understand the words of the song. According to some of the comments, it may have been mislabeled. Perhaps it is Psalm 53 or Psalm 51 and not the Lord’s Prayer. The words do not matter for I need not understand them – I feel them. If I close my eyes, I feel God and Jesus through them.

It is the sound of love.


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