The Invitation

Not all will raise their glass to Him, nor will all invited drink His Holy wine.

2368655 - christ-thundering clouds

The Bible’s sweet words promise hope while they tear at our hearts with anguished warning. Against the sound of four approaching horsemen, people gamble Christ’s robe to the highest bidder and offer soured wine to the Groom who came to marry.

The wedding feast is laid open for all, but most for whom it was intended never come. Heartbroken, the Groom drinks Spirit with His best men while He feeds the dogs beneath the table.

His bride is not of this earth but neither is she not of it. She is no one without Him, but He loves her and she is important to Him. Gethsemane is their wedding song; Jerusalem is their marital bed.

Against the sounds of four approaching horsemen, a dowry is paid of Lamb’s blood.

The Groom offers a toast: “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” Not all raise their glass to Him, nor do all invited drink His ¬†wine.

Meanwhile, the sounds of four approaching horsemen are confused with thunder to those who do not love Him.

And again He invites them in.


Photo by Shane Morris


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