There is danger in being politically correct.

By being politically correct, I have at times offended God in my desire not to offend others. And sometimes truth has been altered in the process.

I recently substituted the word “Life” for “God” when speaking about my beliefs. I said, “Life has a plan,” or something similarly devoid of meaning and spiritual significance, in order not to offend anyone.

I did that without thinking. I’ve become so conditioned not to offend others that I offended God instead. I was so focused on what people expected of me, that I subordinated to it what God expected of me. And that was wrong, and it is dangerous, on so many levels.

There is a difference between political correctness and courtesy. Political correctness has the potential to offend God. Courtesy in the form of kindness to others does not.

God demands honesty and God deserves to be glorified. Glorification of God is the spiritual equivalent of “thank you.” It is an expression of love.

Glorification of God need not be elaborate. But it should be heartfelt and truthful. 

Simply put, glorification of God begins with publicly acknowledging God and giving God credit where credit is due.

“Life” doesn’t have a plan, God does. 

And to put it in perspective, “Life” is a gift from God… not the other way around.

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