I have been a coward in my faith for too long. I have been so tired of controversy over the past 3 years that I have rarely shared my beliefs on anything controversial. I have lived in fear of adding to more drama. But when I read the Bible I’m reminded that during Christ’s 3 years of ministry he did not avoid controversy, even when the consequence of doing so was crucifixion.

In my desire to avoid any controversy or “unnecessary drama” during the past few years, I sacrificed my identity as a Christian by remaining silent in the face of falsehood and injustice. My silence was not unlike Peter who denied knowing Christ. Christ commands us to act on God’s behalf, even when it is uncomfortable or risky to do so.

I have been reminded that it is impossible to follow Christ without offending people. Christ offended people with God’s message. Why would it be any different for those of us who seek to follow Him?

The truth is that Christ is controversial. When we take a stand for Christ, we put ourselves in the sights of those who are Christ’s enemies. But we also share His light with those who are Christ’s flock.

It is important not to remain silent if we desire to follow Christ. When we fail to challenge words or acts that are contrary to Christ’s teachings, we miss the opportunities that God gives us to change course or otherwise further His purposes.

My attempts to avoid controversy or drama did not make me a champion of Christ. Lack of controversy or drama is not the equivalent of peace. Best case, my silence exposed my cowardice and lack of commitment to Him. For that I am sorry, I have asked for His forgiveness, and with God’s help I seek to change. Worst case, my silence contributed to missed opportunities to share God’s love with a world desperately in need of it.

Image taken from internet blog, The Royal Blog of Oz: The Characters of Oz – The Cowardly Lion, May 17, 2013, image may be subject to copyright.

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