I am reeling from the lies, hatred, and violence in our nation and in the world. Most recently, I am heartbroken by the mass shootings in Texas and New York, and the carnage in Ukraine.

My personal response has been to lean into God during these difficult moments and seek comfort through prayer and Scripture.

In order to facilitate my spiritual health, I have had to minimize my daily exposure to media and the news.

It has been helpful to shield my thoughts from the constant barrage of fear and negativity perpetuated by the media, unintentionally or otherwise. I need clarity of faith to engage in matters over which I have some control, and I cannot allow matters over which I have no control to disproportionately occupy my thoughts. When I do that, I unintentionally shut God out by subordinating my faith to others’ agendas.

Perhaps never has there been a time when I needed God more. It is a comfort trusting in God and knowing with certainty that we are not alone.

I believe that at times like these, God asks us to step into our Christianity and respond to grief with hope, love, comfort, and spiritual resolve. To change the narrative from unspeakable horror to unfathomable love. From fear to courage. From blame to justice.

I believe Christ demands that we guard our hearts against answering violence and hatred with fear and more the same. Sadly, it has been our burden to bear earthly witness to the fruits of a poisonous tree for which there are few earthly answers and often no earthly justice. Grieve, yes. But trust that God is grieving with us and we are not alone.

(Photo BBC News 2022, Texas, may be subject to copyright)

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