I sometimes wonder why I have lived as long as I have when so many others who I have loved have not.

I am grateful for my life. However, as I grow older, I am increasingly aware of the debt I owe to my Lord Jesus. I am woefully lacking in my servitude to Him, yet I feel His love for me encouraging me to carry on. To do more and to do it better.

Admittedly, I have changed my expectations for myself. I realize now that all things are possible through God, but not all things are God’s will nor meant for me.

I used to think that I needed to do something spectacular to please Him. Now I believe that even the most seemingly insignificant things I do to honor Him are spectacular. It’s not the size of the deed that matters, it’s that the deed be done.

As for sharing the Good News with those around me who are non-believers or who deny or are skeptical about God’s existence, I have come to believe that – for me — it is everyday acts of kindness that invite sharing God’s love.

With God’s grace, every act of kindness, no matter how small, creates an avenue to people’s hearts. And widens the avenue to my own.

I have realized that to a great extent, it is the way I feel after performing an act of kindness that strengthens me and lightens my load. It is gratitude to God that helps shape me.

Loved, humbled, undeserving and grateful to God: That is who I am now. My strength it seems lies in the little things that I can do for Him. My ability to love originates in Him.

Today is God’s day. I await the opportunities the Holy Spirit will present me to do His work.

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