America’s Prosperity Gospel

“A Prosperity Gospel ministry is an exact parallel of what Jesus did not do. He did not enter the ministry to make money. He did not work in the name of God to be popular and liked. He did not heal those who could do anything for him. Rather, he came to the physically and spiritually poor and made eucatastrophes of them all – not only addressing their bodies, but in many cases, saving their souls. He was not in it for himself; he was in it for the Father’s greater glory and the sinner’s true salvation. Sadly, Jesus’ name is invoked by ‘faith healers’ who don’t reflect him.”

Father’s Day

“For me, it was when I accepted my role as a child of God that I became most comfortable with Him and unafraid. It is as a child of God that I found the relationship with my Lord that I had been searching. It is as His child that have been able to experience His love in a way that only a child can perceive, trust, understand, and return love. There is an innocence in a child’s love that casts off the noise and warnings of the material world and speaks to the eternal heart.”